It’s that time again!

It’s been a while since the last round of Tough or Tender Tarot, so let’s remedy that today.
In case you haven’t experienced this before, here’s the idea: tune into yourself and ask which would be better for you: some TOUGH love, or some TENDER wisdom. If you choose tough, I’ll channel my inner Emperor and offer a message which is firm yet constructive. If you choose tender, I’ll channel my inner Empress and offer a message which is sweet yet sincere.

I’ll also be using two different decks today: the Hayworth Tarot (tough) and Playful Heart Tarot (tender).

If you haven’t already, take a moment to choose:





If you chose TOUGH, you have the Five of Swords + Ten of Wands from the Hayworth Tarot.

What conversations do you keep subjecting yourself too, even though they are clearly doing more damage than good? This may not apply to everyone, but the vibe I’m getting here seems related to social media/text message/email or other types of non face-to-face interactions.

If you’re wasting your precious energy debating your aunt’s coworker on Facebook or arguing with randos on Twitter (or even just lurking and watching online debates without actively participating!!) it might be time to walk the f*ck away because there are no winners here. There’s some shadow stuff to consider, because if you’re honest, this isn’t really an instance of fighting for something you believe in. You might be telling yourself that’s what you’re doing, but is it? Or are you just trying to win for the sake of winning, for the thrill of seeing someone else be wrong?

Last bit of advice here is that if you really need to continue this conversation, bring it face to face. So much is lost when we talk to each other behind screens (inflection, body language, etc). The last thing this world needs right now is more faceless disembodied entities hiding behind screens, screaming at clouds.


If you chose tender, you have Judgement + the Nine of Cups from the Playful Heart Tarot.

Look at all these happy, celebrating creatures! You are in a phase of growth and blooming. Declare this to be true! This lines up really well especially for those of you in the northern hemisphere, as we are preparing to enter spring. Especially if you’ve felt dormant for some time, a welcome shift is now available to you. Don’t shy away. Know you deserve this and embrace this.

Joseph Campbell said that when you start moving towards your bliss, doors will open and hands will help you. This sounds easy breezy and for some of you it might be, but Judgement shows that moving towards your bliss is an active process. Your task is to release resistance and expectations. What feels blissful to you now may be new and unexpected and different from the goals you’d previously been chasing. This is why it’s so important to release expectations. At this time, joy is found in the unexpected, as long as you let it move through you.

The Nine of Cups is traditionally associated with wishes. In this deck, the Nine of Cups is populated with all kinds of creatures, not just one individual. You are called to deepen your empathy and compassion, and you’re learning that joy does transcend the individual. Moving towards joy and bliss is not about being selfish. At this time your primary intention could be “may all beings be happy.” All beings – yourself included, because a rising tide lifts all ships.




So there you have it! I hope your message resonates, or at least gives you something interesting to think about. If you have thoughts to share, please do leave a comment.

In other news…

Soon, I will be participating as a student in Pull Pen Paint. Pull Pen Paint (PPP) is a collection of teachers presenting info about all things magical (tarot, oracle, journaling, art, all kinds of great stuff). The program is organized by Kiala Givehand, and she’s really brought together some amazing teachers… in fact, I will be making a special guest appearance as a teacher at the PPP Deep Dive level! 🙂

Overall, PPP is about strengthening your intuition, connecting to your creativity, and deepening your spiritual practice. You can learn more + register here. That’s my affiliate link – I’m honored and proud to be part of this program! Maybe I’ll see you there?

Take good care,

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