Back in 2015, I purchased the Wild Unknown tarot deck and was immediately hooked. I began a blog series to share my thoughts and unofficial interpretations of the cards. It took over a year to write the initial posts. In late 2017 I set out to update all of the original posts with better photos and additional information on each card. Those updates took another year! It is now 2018 and I’ve just finished putting the final touches on the series.

When I started this project, I was doing it to satisfy my own curiosity. But over the years I have received many emails and comments thanking me for creating these posts. I am so glad to know this project has been useful for you! I’ve received a lot of requests for a downloadable and printable version of my unofficial Wild Unknown tarot card meanings series. At long last, that is exactly what I have for you here!

I am offering this PDF download for free. However, if you are able to offer a contribution (suggestion: $10 USD) to support the energy I put into this project, I will be very grateful.

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Download the PDF

Get the document via Dropbox, then make sure to click the DOWNLOAD link.

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE DOWNLOADING: writing these posts has been a labor of love. I am not affiliated with the Wild Unknown, Harper Elixir or Kim Krans. The deck is owned and copyrighted by Kim Krans and Harper Elixir. For official views on these cards, visit and purchase the official guidebook that accompanies the deck.

This PDF file contains all of the text from my original blog series, but does not contain images. This file is intended only for your personal use and studies. The text of the blog posts and the PDF file is the intellectual property of Carrie Mallon LLC.

Enjoy your tarot studies!

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