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There are a few lessons I grapple with again and again, always from slightly different perspectives. The dance of being and doing is one of those lessons.

You’d think I’d have this one on lock by now! Tarot is full of lessons about the dynamics of doing and being. I see examples of this duality everywhere: inhales and exhales. Sleeping and waking. Summer and winter.

But this week, this lesson is popping up for me again.

You see, I like getting things done. I am always thrilled to see tangible evidence that I’m making PROGRESS. I am a builder, I am a creator. I am a doer, dagnabbit! This year, more so than ever, I have been on a doing rampage. I’ve leveled up my organization and productivity. I’m consistently doing things that I used to just WISH I was consistent about (like writing blog posts!).

“Must do all the things!!” Has kinda been my motto lately.

And so naturally, I get down with to-do lists. Who DOESN’T love the feeling of checking completed tasks?! Lately I’ve been consistently making myself weekly and daily to-do lists. In many ways, this has changed my life for the better. Smart people are always saying to write your goals and ambitions down, breaking them into manageable chunks – and that’s what I’ve been up to.

All this doing is awesome…until it’s not.

Today, the Universe is re-teaching me a lesson I’ve learned many times: BEING is just as essential as doing. It happened as it often does: I tried all day to make myself go, go, do, do, do…

But then the maintenance guy stopped by my apartment. And then my internet quit working. And then Nanners sat on my to-do list and wouldn’t move (cats know). And then my ear got clogged with wax. As Oprah says, life talks to you in whispers, and if you ignore the whispers, life bops you over the head (or the ear, in my case). Everything around me, even the cloudy, fall weather – is asking me to just…chill for a while. Just be.

The High Priestess is my card for the month, and it coincides gorgeously with this need to place more value on being.

Doing and being cannot be divvied up into perfectly equal proportions: this is the angle of the lesson I’m learning right now. For a few weeks straight, I was knee-deep in doing energy and I was feeling great. Sometimes I’ll be in doing mode for weeks, months! But when being mode is required, it is required. I can’t schedule it in or ignore it. When I gotta be, I gotta be!

And right now, I am feeling the pull to BE.

While I sense the need, I am going to ease up on the to-do lists. Instead of focusing on what I need, want, should, and “have” to do, I’m going to focus a little more on how I want to be. Things like…

I will be aligned with my inner High Priestess.

I will be flexible.

I will be open to the ebbs as much as the flows.

I will be accommodating of my cycles.

I will be a receiver of wordless wisdom.

I will be when I must be, I will do when I must do.

I’m learning – slowly but surely – to do when I must do. To be when I must be. And to get down with the shifting dance between the two.

How do YOU navigate your doing and being energy? Which one is stronger for you right now? I’m curious to hear your thoughts, leave a comment and let me know.


Here are a few things I feel inspired to engage in with my “being” energy this week:

I am nerdily excited to try this Goddess Archetype tarot spread from Kim Huggens.

I want to BE the most intuitive, receptive, wise-woman mentor I can for my Growth Gatherings clients.

A local art museum is having a free admission day this week. My husband and I are going to visit and soak in the beauty.

I’ll be integrating the autumn vibes while camping in gorgeous Southern Utah this weekend.

Until we meet again, carry on BEING the magical creature that you are!

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