Words are the most accessible form of magic. A cunningly construed sentence can carve holes in your heart and release your tears. An artful articulation can expand pathways and evoke vivid imaginings. Words can awaken your body, tickle your senses, and drastically morph your energy.

I drew the reversed Knight of Swords as my theme for this month, and OI how on-point it is! And so I’ve been thinking about my conversation consciousness. What is the intention behind the words I speak to others? Am I trying to describe my truth, or do I just want to be “right” and receive a satisfying dose of smugness? Am I discussing another’s behavior out of genuine concern, or am I seeking the cheap thrill of petty gossip? Maybe I’m falling somewhere in between the extremes.

It is alluring to shift onto autopilot with our words. We speak without thinking. We say one thing but subconsciously mean something else. Sometimes we can only see shadows of what we want to express, the thoughts are not clearly formed. The sentiments are so deeply buried in the layers of our minds that we can only talk aimlessly, flitting about words that never convey anything real. We walk away feeling flustered and unsatisfied.

I want to take ownership for the energy that I bring to my words, my conversations. It is true that ultimately, you are not responsible for anyone’s emotions aside from your own (and even those can seem pretty out of your control sometimes). But it is also true that you have an awareness of the magic you’re working with your words. Part of you can intuit the emotional responses your words will elicit in others.

The more you concentrate on this awareness, the stronger it will grow. You will become more attuned with what you are truly trying to say, and why you are truly trying to say it.

Words are like any superpower: the more you explore the magic, the more you will understand it.
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Listen to yourself. Fish for the deeper intentions behind what you are saying. Follow the tendrils until you reach the root. Even as you deliberately practice conscious communication, know that occasionally you will fuck up royally. Don’t use this as an excuse to turn your words against yourself. Redirect. Say what you mean to say.

Mind your words, mind your magic.
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