I’ve written interpretations for every card in the Wild Unknown Tarot. As the box of the deck states, there are no rights or wrongs. These are simply my perspectives on the tarot card meanings. I hope you find them useful!
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Six of Pentacles :: Wild Unknown Tarot
Deck Creator’s keywords: prosperity, growth
Carrie’s keywords: reciprocity, giving and receiving

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Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings in the Wild Unknown

A white branch is absolutely flourishing, stretching and opening its way across the majority of the card. Six bright orange and yellow pentacles adorn the branches, displayed like ripe and abundant fruit.

While the Five of Pentacles showed a sense of degradation and lack, the Six of Pentacles shows the growth that can happen despite of hard times. The background of the card is dark, but even so the branch is able to flourish. 

The suit of pentacles reminds us that there are multitudes of different resources. Money is certainly one, but so is time, skill, and endless other gifts. This card asks you to examine the resources you have and do not have. There is an invitation here to practice gratitude for all that you have already received. It is only through really sitting with the magnitude of what you DO have that you can create room to receive more goodness.

The Six of Pentacles can also be a reminder to give a genuine assessment to what you lack, and how that gap might be bridged. For example, if you lack time, can you delegate or reprioritize? If you lack resources, can you seek external help and support?

Likewise, this card is an invitation for you to become aware of what other people have or do not have. As humans, we are only able to truly thrive and grow into our full potential when we support each other. When you have an abundance, open yourself up to giving. When you have a lack, open yourself up to receiving.

Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings in General

In the Waite-Smith tarot, this card shows a standing person who appears to be distributing coins to two kneeling figures, while holding a scale in his other hand. This is a very literal depiction of the notions of giving and receiving. This imagery also highlights another facet of the Six of Pentacles, which is that the distribution of power matters.

We all have inherent personal power that cannot be stripped, but unfortunately we are not all equal when it comes to financial power, political power and so on. As such, this card can highlight the importance of acknowledging the power dynamics at work for you on a small scale in your personal life, as well as on a broader scale in society as a whole. 

One of the key themes that I see in the Six of Pentacles in any deck is that of reciprocity. In some ways, this card shows a more ‘mundane’ message of the spiritual themes in the Justice card. The crux of this is that ‘what goes around, comes around.’ If you take care of someone now, you will be taken care of when you need it. If you strive to give power and dignity to others, the same will come around to you. It isn’t about giving with the expectation to receive, it’s simply about realizing that the balance of giving and receiving is a natural truth in the universe.

In a reading…

In a reading, this card often speaks to the dynamics of both giving and receiving. What do you have a whole lot of? What is ripe and juicy within you? How can you give some of that goodness to the world? When you’ve got bounty, share it! Offer words of wisdom. Lend a helping hand. Support, encourage.

And on the other hand, where could you still use a leg up? Where might you find just what you need? How can you graciously receive praise, assistance and gifts? Cultivate the belief that giving and receiving are equally noble. Some days you will be in one position, and some days you will be in the other. Learn to embody the energy of each with grace, and you’ll blossom.

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