Hi, you glorious person you! I’m baaaack! I took a lil’ break from blogging to focus on some behind the scenes stuff. I hope you had a wonderful Yule/Christmas/Solstice and I really hope you’re feeling pumped about moving into a new calendar year! So many fresh, invigorating possibilities await you in 2015 and beyond.

As I prepare to enter the new year, I’ve been feeling the potency of choosing a theme word (or power word) for the year. This involves intuitively selecting a word which resonates with you, and then using that word as an anchor over the year. Your theme word becomes a beacon to guide your goals and actions – powerful stuff.

Tarot naturally lends itself to this process. Here’s how I used tarot to select my theme word – I invite you to try this for yourself, or check out my “Setting Your Theme for 2015” reading if you’d like outside perspective. (In addition to theme word suggestions, this reading also delves into your lessons, challenges and strengths for the year ahead.)



Shuffle your deck while asking for guidance in selecting a theme word for the new year. Draw three cards. Take a moment to note the first word that stands out to you for each card. You might find that the word comes to you immediately, or you might need to process the cards for several moments. If you have difficulty gleaning a word that resonates, try using a dictionary or thesaurus.

Intuition is key here. Your theme word may tie directly in to the traditional meaning of the card, or you may be come up with a word that seems out of place. This is okay. The most important thing is that your theme word feels natural and resonates deeply with you.

Once you’ve selected a word for each of your cards, consider which one seems like the right fit. Do any of the words scare or challenge you? Which words make you feel awakened? Select the word that feels right. If you can’t narrow it down to one word, no big deal – you can have multiple theme words. You make the rules here!

To give you an idea of how this worked for me, here are the three cards I drew for myself and the words I came up with.

This year offers me the chance to focus on my ULTIMATE desires. What would make 2015 an ULTIMATE year – how can I maximize my experiences and give this year my all?

Ace of Cups: ALLOW
How can I ALLOW and be present with my feelings and experiences this year? How can I decrease stress through ALLOWING? What steps can I take to ALLOW more peace in my life?

Queen of Wands: BRIGHT
This year, I can cultivate a positive, can-do attitude. What daily actions can help me feel BRIGHT? How can I BRIGHTEN the lives of others?

After letting these words roll around in my consciousness for a while, I’ve decided that ALLOW will be my theme word for 2015. It feels necessary, nourishing and uplifting. I’m looking forward to ALLOWING this word to show up for me this year.

When you’ve found your own shiny, inspiring theme word – put it everywhere! Write it on the mirror. Put a sticky note on your car’s dashboard. Make it your screensaver. Put it on your vision board and in your day planner. Watch for the ways this word shows up in your life over the course of 2015. Watch as your theme word inspires and elevates you.

I’m currently in the midst of offering a Setting Your Theme for 2015 reading. As a part of this reading, I draw three cards to offer suggestions for your 2015 theme word. I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive, glowing response to these readings! If you’d like to snap one up, please do! This option will only be available until January 9, 2015. Check it out by clicking here.

Cheers to a kick-ass 2015!

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