Last month I concocted a list of prompts and hosted a ‘Reeling in Wisdom’ photo challenge on Instagram. It was loads of fun to indulge my own visual creativity and even more fun to see the photos that my Instagram peeps came up with. I adore Instagram, and this photo challenge gave me the chance to deepen the sense of community we all feel there.

In this gallery, you’ll get a sampling of the creative, thoughtful, and heartfelt posts that were shared in this challenge. Onward!

1- my superpowers

My super power is my ability to juggle my time and energy between my corporate job which I love, with running my intuitive consultancy Sun Goddess tarot, my writing assignments as a freelance sports journalist, my boxing training and my family. I can only attribute my energy to the support from family, clients, bosses and colleagues as well as my conviction to follow my bliss.
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2- I am learning

I am learning that studying can actually be… pleasurable! Back in my school days, I often did the minimal amount of studying I could get away with. These days, I let myself study things I actually WANT to study, the things that tickle my curiosity and make me marvel at the human experience.
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3- Current inspiration

Current Inspiration. I’m not a “my life had no meaning before I had a kid” person. But without a doubt, this little bug is now my biggest inspiration. If I am going to spend time away from her, I’m going to make it count. This means I am way more productive at work. (I’m telling you, companies that aren’t actively recruiting and catering to working moms are missing out big time.) I also long for a better world for her, which inspires me to do more good, fight a little harder for women’s rights, and be more loving and accepting.
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4- My inner wisdom

Inner wisdom. My hubby snapped this while I was doing #pregnantyoga a few months back. I don’t normally like photos of me taken by other people, but I do like this one. I guess my inner wisdom comes from silence, and broad perspective. I relate most with #TheHermit card in #tarot, and find the teachings of it to be most helpful and relatable. Being silent and listening to #nature and how it acts, and learning from it best I can, is my peaceful place in life.
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5- Now reading

Currently reading. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say “that’s a beginner book” with negative context. Both of these books have been labeled as such to me. I have been a practicing Buddhist for 13/14 years and a tarot reader for 2. There is no such thing as a beginner book. There is always something to learn even from the basics. Something I think should always be remembered. I am learning!!
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6- Fun & games

~ FUN & GAMES ~ Aside from Tarot, hiking is my other great love in life. Being outdoors helps soothe my frazzled double-Virgo nerves. In Los Angeles where I live, a hiking trail might lead you to an abandoned television or film set. This is me in Malibu Creek State Park, which masqueraded as South Korea during the 1970s sitcom “MASH”. I grew up on re-runs of this show, so it was such a thrill to find it!
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7- Beauty break

Beauty Break

Instagram confessional.

When I was 11 my dad told me I wasn’t very pretty. And, even now, I recognize I have blocks around identifying myself with “beauty”. Here’s some thoughts though:
– looking at pictures of my 11 year old self: I was a super cute kid. 
I imagine I’ll look back at my 37 year old self in 26 years and think I was a super cute 37 year old.
-though I’m really grateful to my dad and think he had a lot of great qualities and though I love him infinitely, he was often quite selfish and sometimes an idiot. He was dealing with his own shadow… sometimes not very skillfully.
-I’ve put a lot of energy into identifying with other things: intelligent, magical, creative, kind… so, you know — silver linings, hidden treasure, all that good stuff.
– seeing beauty depicted in the media in new ways is so refreshing and so important.

That’s what I’ve got to say about that.
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8- Creation

This word is a big deal in my life right now. Creation used to be something I admired and envied in other people – gifted people, talented people, lucky people, artists – and the ability to create was a skill I deeply resented not having. 
Recently, however, I’ve realised that we are ALL creative in SO many ways and I’ve started giving myself opportunities to create whatever it is I feel called to make. It’s liberating and terrifying and exciting and intimidating – that wonderful combination that makes me want to vomit then keep on going.

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9- In my cup

in my cup is peach tea with a dash of honey. Which I am going to let sit and cool while I meditate right now because it’s 25 degrees Celsius and far too freaking warm for tea… But I wanted it so there…
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10- Companionship

Obviously this is going to be about my gorgeous grumpy sweet rescue cat Zorro. He’d been abandoned, then taken in by an old lady and then she had to go into a nursing home so he went back to @the_blue_cross. He had been in there the longest time out of all the cats because he was older and his colours weren’t the most popular. We brought him #foreverhome and our lives have never been the same since. He brings us so much joy every day. Even when he steals my chair!
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11- Healing

Healing. To me, the best place to be when I need to charge energy is near water. I need to lose myself watching and listening the sound of water. Even if I can’t touch it, like today because is freezing, being there is just enough.
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12- Treasure trove

Treasure Trove: I inherited the tools of the trade from my dear sweet most loving and unfortunately late Grandma Jackie. It’s her crystal ball, 1970s Rider Waite Smith Deck, gypsy witch deck, lenormand deck, brotherhood of the light deck, I Ching Cards and coins.
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13- Life goals

My life goal is to be as prolific a writer as this guy (Stephen King:. Ambitious? Yes…but I like to dream big. 😉
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14- My message

My Message. Live your dreams! If you want to build a castle and let people climb all over it at their own risk- why not? Too often we fear consequences to a detrimental degree. Failing feels a lot more real and meaningful than never trying. Dream big!
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15- Looking forward

Looking forward, I am going to Follow my heart. For the past 4 weeks I’ve been doing a mentorship on personal growth with the lovely Carrie of @happyfishtarot and I already feel different. I have a different outlook on life and things around me and “looking forward” I want to live my life with an open heart. Follow my dreams. Love and be loved.
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Thank you again to everyone who participated! I’ll be cooking up another delectable photo game for us before too long, so make sure you’re following me on Instagram: @happyfishtarot.

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