There’s something so compelling about organizing and prioritizing. As far as I’m concerned, ANY time life starts to feel clogged is a good time to do some (literal OR metaphorical) sweeping. And there’s something about spring – this season of renewal and rebirth and fresh starts – that lends itself particularly well to cleaning.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what needs refreshing in my own life. Just like our physical environment gets dusty and needs regular attention, so do the other dimensions of our lives. With this esoteric thought in mind, I’ve created a set of prompts you can use to do some psycho-spiritual spring cleaning for yourself. Of course because I’m me and tarot is life, there are four sections here, inspired by the four tarot suits.

I hope that these prompts will help you shine a light on some areas of your life that could use some sprucing up. I would recommend using these as journal prompts, if you’re into that kind of thing. This isn’t just about cleaning and purging – although there’s a bit of that thrown in! This is mostly about clearing away what is dusty so that you can really focus on what’s important.

I hope you will find this exercise useful!


Write down one word that describes the most prominent emotion you’ve had so far this year. Now write down one word that describes the emotion you’d most like to be feeling. Do they line up? If not, how might you bridge the gap?

Who have you been missing? Name at least one person. Reach out to them. Challenge yourself to be a little vulnerable and let them know how much they mean to you.

Whenever you have a memorable or powerful dream this season, write it down. At the end of the season, reflect back upon these records. What lessons are your dreams presenting?

As you go about your days, look for “unexpected gratitudes.” Each day, take note of at least one “weird” things you are most thankful for.


List three near-by places you’ve been meaning to explore; such as parks, cafes, bookshops, forests, lakes etc. Now make a plan to actually visit those places this season.

What are four things you’ve done this year that made you really happy? Can you do them again soon?

What is one errand, chore or task that you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t gotten around to yet? Make a plan to JUST DO THIS and just get it out of the way ASAP.

What creative acts have been calling to you? For the next month, try to set aside at least one hour per week for creative play time. Remember that this is for YOU, not to create things to show to other people – just creating for yourself.


List three items you own that are taking up unnecessary energetic and physical space. Where can you recycle, donate, or purge these items this season?

How can you be more attentive to the wonders of your five senses this season? Can you further incorporate some of your favorite smells, sights, textures, tastes and sounds into your daily routine?

What is one concrete action you can take to make life better for someone else this season? Can you help a friend in need, donate to a cause you care about, volunteer your time, or help the world in some other way?

Describe one simple action that improves your quality of life. This might be eating vegetables, walking, writing, reading, laughing, etc. Each day this season, try to make space for that action in your life (even if it’s only for ten minutes).


Where in your life have you been avoiding making a firm decision? Make time this season to give this situation full consideration and make a proper choice.

Take note of which situations in your life currently make you the most stressed and frazzled. How can you quit, rework, or reframe your perspective on these situations?

Under what circumstances do you feel the most calm and collected? For example: meditation, being in nature, etc. Are you doing these things regularly? If not, how can you start?

Start a “release jar” for your worries: whenever you experience fearful, anxious, harmful thoughts or worries, write them down and place them in a mason jar with the word “Release” written on it. This is a way to symbolically liberate your energy by releasing your worries to the Universe.

Happy spring cleaning,

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