Alright, I confess…before we were even a month into 2020, I had already acquired four new tarot decks. Last week I showed you the Hayworth Tarot, and today I’m going to show you a deck with a totally different vibe. While the last deck was creepy, today’s deck is…cute!

The Playful Heart Tarot is a brand new deck created by Zaara from KittenChops. Zaara generously reached out and offered me a review copy and I’ve been waiting for the right time to open the deck. The past few days have been kinda blah because my computer broke and then getting a new one turned into a big endeavor and then I got behind on all the work I needed to do, plus it’s February and cold and blah outside. So y’know, I mention this in the video, but they are pretty privileged problems to have, but I still haven’t been feeling the happiest.

So today seemed like a good day to treat myself to a deck which is expressly designed to be CUTE and SWEET! Sometimes we need these types of decks in our lives, don’t we? Click the image below to watch the unboxing video.

That’s it for now, but like I said, I’ve been getting lots of new decks lately. So maybe more unboxings soon? Also have lots of other stuff planned for the coming weeks, so I’ll be in touch.

Sending well wishes to all,

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