This week I’ve had the surreal experience of giving readings (to someone other than myself) with the deck that I created. How amazing is that?!

My services have been closed for some time, but we have a handful of very generous Kickstarter backers whose pledges include a custom reading from yours truly. Now that the shipping frenzy has calmed down a little, I’ve had the chance to begin those readings.

And today, I would like to offer some open-ended messages, from The Spacious Tarot, for you. If you’d like to participate, take a moment to settle in wherever you are. Perhaps take a breath or wiggle your fingers or stamp your feet or do whatever it is that brings you into

t h i s m o m e n t.

When you’re ready, take a look at the photo below and choose the pile you are most drawn to: top or bottom.






Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! I promise, I shuffled thoroughly, yet here we are. Water, water, everywhere, for us all.

If you picked the top pile, you have the Two of Cups and Nine of Cups reversed. The key message that’s coming to me here is this: don’t be so focused on what you wish this relationship was like that you miss out on experiencing what it is actually like.

The Two of Cups can symbolize relationships of any kind, so for some of you this might be a marriage/romantic partnership, but it could also be a close friend or family member.

When you’re close with someone, it’s easy to see the good in them… but it’s also easy to become attached to an idealized version of that person. To let your projection of who they are muddy up the truth of who they are. To wish they would behave a little differently. To want them to show love in a slightly different way.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t have high expectations of your nearest and dearest. But if it is perfection that you desire, you are always going to be disappointed.

There’s an invitation here to approach this relationship with curiosity instead of presumption. Drift away from how you wish things were and open to the expanse of how things actually are. Let the partnership be what it truly is, and find the lessons available to you through this connection.


If you picked the bottom pile, you have the Elder of Cups reversed and the Guardian of Cups. We have two court cards here (equivalent to the King and Queen, respectively), and as they are from the suit of cups they speak to your understanding of the emotional realm.

You may be feeling right on the brink of a breakthrough. You’ve been plumbing the depths, sorting through your feelings, processing something which likely isn’t very easy to process. And now, like the Elder returning to the surface, you finally feel ready to emerge with a tangible lesson from all of this.

But then you waver. Uncertainty comes in. Something triggers you, and you’re back in a more tender, vulnerable place.

This is okay. Although it may feel unsettling as you experience it, this is how breakthroughs work. They don’t happen all at once. Feelings don’t always respond to the linear workings of rationality and time. Trust that you are healing. You are finding ways to respect your emotions without letting them drag you under. But it’s a process, and it’s okay if you backslide occasionally.

The Guardian of Cups stands vigil at a flower, reminding you to honor and protect what is fragile yet beautiful within yourself. You’re further along than you think you are, and you are fully capable of swimming onwards from here.


I hope you found something resonant in your message! With all of these cups coming up for us, it feels appropriate to end with some sentiments that are kind of mushy but very true:

You are love and you are loved. Like the ocean, you can be simultaneously tumultuous and serene. Thank you for being here.

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