Welcome to Dear Tarot Tuesday! In this video series, I answer questions from viewers, advice-column style. But this isn’t your momma’s advice column – my answers will be enhanced with tarot cards. If you’d like to submit a question of your own, shoot me an email: carrie (at) happyfishtarot.com.


Today…is…another EXCITING edition of Dear Tarot Tuesday! (*enter party horns here*)

In this randomly occurring series, I give advice & guidance to anonymous seekers using tarot. In this video, I’m tackling a topic which is dear to my own heart: maintaining confidence as a new business owner. Our anonymous seeker writes:

I’m having a hard time always keeping my confidence up. I just started my own business. Although I am having fun and doing what I’m passionate about, sometimes I doubt my ability to succeed with this business. I know I am good at what I do, but I somehow find myself thinking that other people in my industry are better. I would love some guidance on believing in myself and having confidence.



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If you have a question of your own you’d like to submit for Dear Tarot Tuesday, hit me up: carrie (at) happyfishtarot.com.

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