I’m soooo excited to announce that during April, my blog will be focused on BUSINESS TALK. This is a new series I call Pondering Pentacles. I’ll be delving into the nooks and crannies of being a soul-based business owner, and if you’re a fellow entrepreneur I hope you’ll join! I’m not a business expert or guru (not even close). But I do enjoy talking shop, and I hope that some of what I have to say resonates with you.

You guys…there’s something strange that happens to some of us when we start a business. I know, because it kind of happened to me.

We want to grow really big, really fast, at a pace that may not actually be healthy.

This video was originally a spiel that I gave on Periscope (follow me there if you use the app: @carriemallon). But I think this topic is so damn important that I saved the broadcast to share here.

You don’t need to be a quickly growing chicken in your business. Watch the video and this whole chicken metaphor will make total sense, ha!



This topic was inspired by a conversation I had with my amazing business running buddy, Kelly-Ann Maddox. Make sure to read her thoughts on business growth here!

Here’s to embracing your inner slow growing chicken! Make sure to follow along with the Pondering Pentacles content throughout the month. Leave me a comment if you have questions, thoughts or specific topics you’d like me to address.

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