Each time I sit down to do a tarot reading for a client, write a blog post, or make a video, I ask the Universe to make me of service. I want everything I create to be intentional. I want my blog posts and videos to come from my heart, and I want them to speak to your heart. I trust that the Universe will guide me to the right tarot cards, life lessons, and blog topics at the right time.



I put up new posts every Tuesday, and I choose the topics by reflecting on the prominent lessons and themes of my own life. I try to create content that is in line with my strengths and my unique way of looking at the world. In this way, I create for myself. But I don’t create in a vacuum.

I have a strong desire to create things that YOU will find helpful and illuminating.

This week, I felt that it was time to voice this desire to you directly. Yes, you. Anyone who reads or watches this. Anyone who follows me on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter. I want to be useful to you. I want to connect with you.

I want to create useful, interesting things that you look forward to every Tuesday.

And so I would love to hear your thoughts. What have I created so far that has resonated with you? How can I use my blogs and videos to tap into the themes which are cropping up in your life? What would you like to see more of? What would you like to see less of? What would give you a reason to connect with me every Tuesday (and the rest of the week)?

Would you like to see more posts on creativity? Resistance? Relationships? Would you enjoy more thoughts on the business side of tarot? Are you interested in more guided meditations? Deck reviews?

I’d like to know what lights you up, what you’re struggling with, what makes you feel alive. I’m open to your thoughts. Constructive criticism. Requests. Rambles. Anything. Don’t be shy. Talk to me!

Please leave me a comment, email me (carrie at happyfishtarot.com) send me a private message on Facebook… There’s a bajillion ways to connect, and I’m ready to listen.

Peace, love and happy fish,

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