Welcome to Dear Tarot Tuesday! In this weekly video series, I answer questions from viewers like you, advice-column style. But this isn’t your momma’s advice column – my answers will be enhanced with tarot card meanings. If you’d like to submit a question of your own, shoot me an email: carrie (at) happyfishtarot.com.



Doctor Carrie is in the office! Okay, as I’m sure you know, Carrie is not really a doctor. Just a super-awesome Tarot reader. On today’s Dear Tarot Tuesday video, I’m answering a question about a touchy subject – planning on having children & dealing with health complications.

We all know Tarot is not a replacement for medical or psychological (or any other type of) professional help. However, I do think Tarot can help shed some light on our inner worlds, and perhaps help us tap into our own intuition when faced with difficult situations.



After you’ve watched the video, I’d be happy to hear from you. Do you have any additional advice? Any other insights you would take from these cards?

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