Imagine how it would feel to open your mailbox and find an authentic, handwritten letter tucked among the credit card applications and catalogues. The envelope has your name – written, not typed! Your heart beats a little faster. You’ve found a diamond in the rough! What sentiments might be waiting for you inside?

I’m now offering a tarot love letter subscription! Each month, I will pull three cards, just for you. I’ll use these cards to give personalized guidance and illuminate the energies at work around you. You’ll have a unique, tangible treasure waiting to be discovered in your mailbox every month.

You’ll look forward to the patch of magical time these letters will bring to you every month. Instead of quickly scanning over another typed document, you’ll savor this. You’ll be present in the now. You’ll sit somewhere quiet, and read the words carefully. Infuse them into your heart. This will be a delicious, soulful gift to yourself.

Tarot Love Letters are available as a half year or a full year subscription (psst: full year is a better deal). You can subscribe at any time of year! Know someone who loves getting mail? You can buy a subscription for yourself, or as a gift for a lucky loved one. You also have the option to order just one letter! If you love it and decide to subscribe, I’ll give you a discount on the subscription price.

Right now, this is only available for US residents. Price includes everything – even shipping! Secure payment via Paypal. Shortly after you’ve made your purchase, you’ll receive an email from me with all the details.

Full Year Tarot Love Letter Subscription :: $165

Half Year Tarot Love Letter Subscription :: $85

One Tarot Love Letter :: $17

Looking forward to writing to you,