Lately I’ve been feeling something I don’t often feel. It’s kiiiiiiiinda eating away at me, so I’m going to tell you about it:

I’m EFFIN TIRED of “going within!”

I’m tired of thinking, I’m tired of solitude, I’m tired of pondering the meaning of life.

Ah, there. I said it and I feel better already. 😉

Don’t get me wrong; I’m quite comfortable in the vast caves of my inner world. I spend a lot of time contemplating, exploring the crevices of my psyche. I’m kinda like the Hermit – introspection is my natural state of being.

Usually, going within serves me well. But lately, I’m feeling the pull to GTFO of my own head.

I want to be out in the world! I want to go for walks! I want to work with my hands! I want to be around other human beings!

Maybe it’s the external facing, radiant summer energies. Or maybe it’s just a reminder that I’m a dynamic being. All I know is that I’m someone who normally goes “within”, but right now I have a need to go “without.” If you’re someone who is similarly inclined to reflection and soul searching…maybe you can relate.

There’s a lot of wonderful things about going within. I’m all about honing your intuition. I’m a decided proponent of consulting your inner guidance system. I’m fond of journaling, meditating, tarot reading…going within is something I deeply value; and something I think our society as a whole deeply undervalues.

Going within is often the answer, but not always. Sometimes, when you go within, your inner guidance replies clearly:

Right now, you must go WITHOUT.

Be of this earth, my inner guidance says. Talk to people from different walks of life. Be lighthearted. There are lessons hidden away deeply in the recesses of your own being. But there are also lessons outside. Sometimes, it is necessary to stretch yourself out of your cozy introvert box and into the wider sphere of existence beyond.

I have to remind myself that it’s OKAY to take a break from going within so intensely. It is okay to gently shift out of my normal mode of soul searching. Going without does not have to be a sign of weakness. It does not have to mean I’m resisting or avoiding my inner realm.

Indeed, it’s a sort of paradox: I went within, and I was told to go without. Sometimes it’s only by expanding our energy outwards that we reach the inner breakthrough we need.

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