Oh my goooooodness. Changes are happening and it feels good! The TLDR version is that my tarot reading services are BACK, but I really want to tell you more about what’s been going on. A few weeks ago I took my services offline for spiritual maintenance. There are two main factors that went into this decision:

First: for a while now, I’ve been guided to create a more personal connection with my clients. Up until now I’ve mainly been offering written and audio readings delivered via email. There are a lot of benefits to this format: I could do the readings at my leisure instead of at a pre-determined time, clients could re-read or re-listen as often as they’d like, and so on.

But there were also some drawbacks, the main one that a reading delivered this way is a little one sided: it’s just me riffing on the cards. Since the client isn’t there in the moment, there’s no back and forth conversation. Sure, we can email each other after the reading to discuss things further, but during the actual reading it’s just me and the cards.

The more I absorb myself in my practice as a tarot reader, the more I see the benefits of using the cards in a more interactive way. During a live reading, there is room for dialogue. The reading becomes a co-creative process. There is a special and transformative energy at work in the exchange.

Part of the reason I paused my services was to think about how I could revamp them to be more in this paradigm of real-time connection. I’ve given some consideration to that, and (at least for now) I am focusing solely on this type of reading. When you visit the current iteration of my readings page you’ll see the option to purchase a one hour tarot reading session, and for now all of those sessions will take place in real-time via Skype.

Second: the other reason I paused my services is, well, to be frank…I was burned out, Ten of Wands style. As a tarot reader, I hold space for people during some very intense phases of their lives. Being trusted to offer support during times of upheaval and soul-searching is a great honor, and it is something I take incredibly seriously. And I LOVE what I do.

That said, I am a highly sensitive and empathetic person. Sometimes the gravity of the work that I do accumulates to the point that I have to take a step back – not only for myself, but for my clients. I never want to show up for a reading feeling drained – that would be completely unfair to those I work with. That means that sometimes I need to take a break to replenish.

In this line of work, checking in with your energy HAS to be a priority. To be of service as a counselor or healer or reader you need to have healthy boundaries, and you must have your own self-care on point. Sometimes that means creating the space for yourself to pause your work and get re-aligned.

Now that I’ve given myself a break and re-imagined the services that I offer, it’s time to move forward! Here are the details about how things are looking right now.

I am currently booking tarot reading Skype sessions for June 2018. To ensure the proper energy and attention is given to each client, I am only offering TEN sessions for the month. Appointments are now being accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are interested in booking a reading, you’ll find all the details here!

I’m not sure how this will look in future months, but I have a feeling that putting boundaries on the number of clients I work with will be the new norm. This will help me stay fresh, present and most importantly – of service to my clients. Quality over quantity.

Although I’m feeling great about my current reading options, I know the only thing constant in life is change. I’m trying to stay open to how my business wants to evolve and what the universe wants me to create. More shifts are coming into focus, but they’re not quite ready to be made public yet!

Thank you for your support as my work continues to transform! It means the world to me.

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