Creative projects are like babies. You nurture them. You care for them even when they’re fussy and tedious. You pour time, energy and love into them. But no matter how devoted you are, sometimes you need distance from what you’ve been immersed in. A rest, a vacation, a chance to catch your breath and regroup.

And when you feel that deep-seated need for hibernation, declare it. Make your time away from your project official. This gives structure to your time-out and prevents abandonment guilt from eating away at you.

So, I’m declaring it now: I’m taking a two week hiatus from my blog.

Blogging is one of my favorite aspects of Happy Fish Tarot. My blog provides an outlet for my creative fire. My blog builds an avenue for me to connect with you. I normally post every Tuesday – but I have no interest in throwing together half-assed content just to meet a self-imposed deadline. And so I am lovingly conjuring up the energy of the Four of Swords and taking a break.

Happy Fish Tarot is still going strong despite the solitude on the blog. I’m still available for readings. I’m still peeking in on Facebook & Instagram. And most importantly, I’m quietly brewing new content for 2015. Soon it will be full speed ahead, but for now – ahh, I’m embracing the beauty of slowing down.

With visions of sugar plums,

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