We live in a world jammed full of jellyfish and jet skis and telescopes and dune buggies and acrobats and con-men and cat videos and rollerblades and fashion and OH MY GOSH SO MUCH EVERYTHING.

Bountiful splendors mixed in with plentiful distractions. Stuff, things, people, options, opportunities, stimulation. Life is an endless parade, an ever-replenishing buffet of things to do and discover and experience.

You can’t have it all. You can’t taste it all. You can’t even fathom the vastness of it all.

Like any buffet, you’ve got to eat wisely at the buffet of life. You don’t want to stuff yourself full of not-so-wonderful wonder bread when you could be eating a gourmet concoction!

You have to leave some things off your plate. You have to identify the things that look tantalizing, but your gut tells you won’t give you the nutrition you need. You might be tempted to eat the things that everyone else is eating. Only continue this if YOU find your meal delicious.

There are vast options sprawled before you at this buffet. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ve got maaaaybe a century to nibble here. And so it is vital to eat consciously. Taste the things you really want to taste. Go out of your comfort zone and try something exotic once in a while.

What do you deeply, truly want to be doing in this life? What activities, people and interests do you want to allow onto your plate? What does genuine fulfillment look like and feel like to you? What are you currently taking from the buffet that doesn’t feel vitalizing and interesting? What can you do right now to begin eating more selectively at the hodgepodge buffet of life?

Life is a hodgepodge buffet. Load your plate only with things that are splendid for YOU.
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Life is abundant. Once you begin to get on board with this notion, the amount of abundance you see in your buffet increases. Your horizons expand, you see options. You learn to make choices from the deepest part of yourself. You learn to move past analysis paralysis and scarcity. You feel abundant, curious, selective.

This is your life. This is your buffet. This is your plate. Approach it with a seriously playful attitude of gratitude. Form a filter for the things that aren’t for you. Fill up your life with the experiences, enchantments and relationships that make you feel well and truly fulfilled.

Bon appetit!

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