Greetings, my darling one.

You were guided to this letter for a reason. I am doing my best to bring you to the people, resources and lessons you most need. I like it when you pay attention. The more you acknowledge my efforts, the more grandiose they become.

(What can I say? I’m the Universe, I like theatrics.)

I am always creating. I’m composing wonder, awe and mystery. I will astound you with my treats. I delight in lining things up to get you where your heart wants to go.

But there’s one thing I need you to understand right now: I can’t do it all on my own.

You HAVE to do YOUR part. I’ll infuse you with courage, but I can’t do it all for you. You’ve got to meet me halfway.

You need to put in the hours. You need to work hard. You need to weather setbacks, frustrations, U-turns. You have got to hustle as much as I do. And you need to accept that sometimes even when your ego really, really wants something…

I might not be able to give it to you. I might be guiding you to something else entirely.

My process is complex. I’m weaving quite a tapestry here, and sometimes it’s going to seem haphazard. You don’t always need to understand. You just need to listen to the signs and follow the threads.

I’ll say it again: I can’t do it all for you. I need you to step up. You know that next step that’s been taking shape in your mind? Take it. Move forward. Keep taking steps, listening, paying attention, and taking more steps.

Work hard but relax deeply. Stretch yourself and I’ll support you. Honor your dreams, the ones that are nestled deep in your core.

Some people resist, refuse to tap into their own magic. This is a great tragedy. This is not what I want for you.

I want you to feel expansive and purposeful. Because you ARE expansive and purposeful.

I love you. You matter. You are cosmically significant.

Let’s make a pact right now: do your part, and I will do mine.

Let’s go!

XOXO times infinity,

The Universe (via Carrie)

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