Each tarot card is infused with symbols, philosophies and meanings – giving the cards a limitless intrigue. In the Life Lessons :: Tarot Card Meanings series, I will explore one card and some of the lessons it has to offer. Each card has a wide spectrum of meanings, so this post is not meant to be all inclusive!



Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meanings Keywords:

  • Divine Dissatisfaction
  • Seeking
  • Moving on

“No artist is pleased. There is no satisfaction… There is only a divine dissatisfaction, a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive than the others.”
– Martha Graham

I believe in being rooted in gratitude. I believe in finding inner peace, choosing happiness. I strive for awareness & presence. Still, alongside all these ideals, I’m always longing.

And I’ve come to believe in the power of longing.

You’re a creative soul, a life-long learner, an expansive being. There’s always going to be more for you to seek. You’ll experience what Martha Graham called divine dissatisfaction.

This is different than whiny, small-minded dissatisfaction. This isn’t an excuse for self-pity. This type of dissatisfaction is divine because it works alongside gratitude & awareness. You are simultaneously in tune with the beauty of what you have & feeling pulled towards the next thing.

This is a yearning that comes from something deeper in your nature, your true Self. It operates as an unseen force, a craving that leads you to more fulfilling experiences of being alive.

Have you ever felt guilty because you ache for more? You try to reason with yourself: “things are pretty good. Why continue to search? I should just be grateful for what I have.” Yes, we should be grateful. But we shouldn’t just be grateful.

Gratitude & longing are skilled dance partners.
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Gratitude & longing work together to guide you to your destiny.

The figure on the Eight of Cups walks away, even though nothing is wrong with her present situation. The cups are lined up nicely, not toppled or broken. Yet she is guided to leave them behind, to head towards higher ground.

Living an ever-evolving creative life can sometimes be lonely. There’s no houses, no other humans in sight on the card. This person travels her own path. When you experience divine dissatisfaction, you’ll look around at other people, the ones who seem perfectly content. You’ll wonder why you are the one who feels this call to the next summit.

But in time, you’ll realize you are one of the lucky ones, more fully alive than the others.

Your unshakable aching will help you blossom.
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You will learn to cherish your blessed unrest. You’ll feel deeper, experience more, and find real satisfaction. You’ll align with your soul and the truth of your nature. You’ll pause to reflect.

And then you’ll keep climbing.

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