I arrived very late to the Game of Thrones party – I binged the entire show starting in February and got caught up just in time to watch the premiere of the final season. I’ll try to keep this relatively spoiler-free, but I had to mention the show as it was the inspiration for the tarot spread I’m going to share with you here today.

There’s a particular line from the show I keep thinking about. In a conversation with Tyrion, Daenerys talks about how the same ‘wheel’ keeps turning in Westeros. The wheel that she speaks of is the neverending quest for power. One ruler makes it to the top, the wheel turns, another ruler is now at the summit, and so the cycle goes on…and on…and on. Dany tells Tyrion that she doesn’t want to stop the wheel. She wants to BREAK the wheel.

I will spare you my anaylsis of what this means in the context of the show and move on to how this concept has inspired me to create a tarot spread. I really resonate with the idea of ‘breaking the wheel.’ We all get stuck in destructive cycles. Maybe your ‘wheel’ is a behavior pattern you keep enating, a relationship dynamic that keeps spiraling, or a routine that is no longer serving you. Breaking the wheel means moving into a new paradigm. It isn’t an easy thing to do. Once a wheel is in motion, it is likely to stay in motion. Stopping a wheel is tricky enough, but breaking it? Well. That’s quite the task!

If you currently feel like you’re riding some type of wheel and you want to break the damn thing once and for all, perhaps this spread can give you some insights to consider. I did it for myself today and I got a lot of juicy goodness out of it. Give it a go and see what turns up!

Some notes on the spread positions: card one offers additional clarification about what the wheel actually is. Even if you go into the spread having a good idea of what kind of cycle you’re dealing with, this card may help you uncover the deeper implications.

The second card shows internal factors upholding the wheel. This is where you can examine what is within your personal power: what choices are you making that keep the wheel in motion? What energy are you bringing to perpetuate the spinning of the wheel?

Card three, on the other hand, speaks to external factors. This is important because some cycles we get caught in are not entirely of our own making. Societal forces and other circumstances outside of your direct control may be at work, and it’s helpful to be aware of those.

With card four, you consider what purpose the wheel has served. There’s a reason you found yourself in this cycle, and this card may illuminate the lessons you’ve been tasked with learning here.

Finally, cards five and six give some advice and insight on how to actually BREAK THE WHEEL. It may not be easy, but it can be done – and these cards will help you chart a course forward.

If you do try this spread, you’re welcome to leave a comment or tag me on Instagram and let me know how it goes! Bonus points if you happen to have the Game of Thrones tarot deck and use it for this spread, haha! Now that I’ve watched the show I may need to add that one to my wishlist (I totally called Melisandre as the High Priestess and Cersei as the Queen of Swords).

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