During the month of April, I’ll be putting out lots of business content! Pondering Pentacles is a series where I talk all about feeling good through your work. I’m not here to teach you how to gain a jillion followers or make a million dollars. I’m here to talk about cultivating a business that feels like an authentic expression of yourself. Creativity, connection, and all kinds of magical business lessons: that’s what this series is all about.



It probably won’t surprise you at all to hear that tarot is the first thing I turn to when I need clarity surrounding my business. I’ve had some magical business aha moments, bursts of clarity and hits of inspiration all thanks to pulling cards.

I’ve just created this Business Energetic Snapshot tarot spread, and I’m sharing it here! If you are a fellow creative entrepreneur, I think you may find this a versatile spread for looking at the overall energy going on in your business. Grab your cards and give it a try!

Above, you’ll see an overview of what this spread looks like. Below, I’ll share some of the insights I gained from my own reading.



I’m using the Lumina Tarot for my reading.

The Queen of Cups was drawn to represent the overall energy currently at work in my business. I was happy to see this card here as I consider it one of my main significators! The word that came to my mind when I saw this card is “generosity.” I have been giving so much to my business lately – I’m putting out even more content than usual in April, and it feels like I’m openly flowing in my business.

This card also affirmed that my intuitive, right-brained watery side is a major influence in my business right now. My natural style is quite watery indeed (I’m a Cancer) and so letting these influences come through feels true to who I am. This is allowing me to bring my genuine Self to the table in my business, and hopefully that fluid authenticity is being felt by my clients and readers.

Let’s consider what ISN’T working right now in my business with the Maiden of Wands. This was a funny card to see here, as I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the concept of originality. This is especially relevant as I’ve embarked on a month of talking about business when I know this is something HEAPS of other people already talk about. But this card is reminding me right now that fixating on being “original” isn’t working for me. This throws back to some of the messages I received from the previous card. Focusing on being original isn’t that important right now. Instead, focusing on being AUTHENTIC is the key.

The Fool shows what IS working right now in my business. Wow, once again, I’m seeing a message here about forgetting about the damn crowd and being true to my unfiltered, wild and free self. I have gone through phases in the past in which I overdose on other people’s opinions of what my business should look like. But no more, baby! In fact, I have been making a conscious effort to spend LESS time digesting other people’s opinions. Especially as I talk about business content this month, I want to make sure that what I say is truly coming from MY perspective. To do so, I’m flinging myself into the blank-slate energy of the Fool.

It’s sometimes hard for us to see our own strengths, that is why this spread contains a card to represent untapped strengths. A lot of the cards in my spread have been about ethereal ideas of authenticity and fluidity, so it’s nice to see the Eight of Pentacles digging me back into reality here. It’s one thing for me to harbor these fancy ideas about creativity and fluidity – but it’s another thing for me to, well, DO THE DAMN WORK! This is a card that is near and dear to my heart, because I do sometimes slip into being more of a dreamer than a doer. The Eight of Pentacles is reminding me to tap into my ability to take all of these magical concepts and channel them into something real and useful. That’s exactly what I’m doing with this blog post, so this is a good start.

As I close out the reading, the Five of Pentacles gives advice on my next steps. This is another card that gives a sort of slap in the face, bringing me into the very real, material realm. When I saw this card here, I knew it was telling me that it is important to balance my material wealth and my spiritual wealth. The truth is that inspiration and authenticity don’t pay the bills. But on the other hand, money and wealth don’t necessarily create a breeding ground for a truly joyful life. This is the constant journey of the soul-centered entrepreneur: creating a business that is financially solid AND spiritually nourishing. This card asks me to prioritize BOTH of those aspects as I move forward from here.


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