You’ve got stuff to do. You’ve got art to make and things to create and a life to live. You’ve got changes to make in the world. And to do these things, you’ve got to cultivate spaciousness. You’ve got to trust that there’s enough room for you to expand – because there is.

This mindset stands out from the hyper-masculine, competitive, dog-eat-dog paradigm that many people choose to live in. There’s an alternative to this push, shove, “someone else must fail so that I may succeed” frame of mind.

And that alternative is spaciousness.

You have opinions. You probably have stances that you hold with utter conviction. You have strong feelings, passionate views on one issue or another.

But someone else? They probably disagree. They probably hold the opposite position with just as much tenacity as you hold yours. They would likely contradict each and every one of your viewpoints.

This is okay. Space exists for your opinion. Space exists for someone else’s opinion. Live from a place of spaciousness. There is room for us all.

You have ambitions. Maybe you want to run a heart-fueled business. Maybe you’re writing a novel. You’ve got big dreams, goals, outcomes that you are working to make a reality.

And someone else? They will start a similar business. They will work just as hard on their great novel. They will chase their goals with a fervor to match your own.

This is okay. Space exists for everyone’s ambitions. Do not be swayed by scarcity or lack. Be like a flower with plenty of room to grow. Don’t act like a weed struggling to stake a claim in another plant’s territory. Be spacious. There’s room for everyone.

The spacious mindset says that your growth is good for me. The spacious mindset says I don’t have to fight, I don’t have to change your mind if you disagree. The spacious mindset says that you can flourish, and I can too. The spacious mindset says you can do your thing and I can do mine and we don’t need to tear each other down. We can build each other up.

When you are being spacious, your energy that could sapped by worries, bashing and fighting is freed up. You can then use that energy to fertilize your own creativity, to cultivate your own expansion, and to encourage others as they find their own sense of spaciousness.

Be spacious because the alternative is outdated. Be spacious because it feels better. Be spacious because you want to pave the way for a new paradigm. Be spacious because it shifts your inner currents and enhances your love.

Be spacious because you ARE spacious. There’s room for us all.
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