Sometimes you need to push, dedicate and fight. There are occasions to evoke your strongest self-discipline, sit your butt in a chair and work, focus, work. There are times for structure, schedules and relentless commitment.

The most breath-taking mystical summit often comes after the thorniest, treacherous brambles.

But there are also times when the harder you fight, the more trapped you become. There are times when you try, force, commandeer and the only result is a state of listless exhaustion. Sometimes you have to walk away, take a nap, re-assess, put the damn project on hold.

Dropping the heavy load you’re lugging around might give you renewed vitality you truly need.

I don’t want to feel obligated to push out creative projects. I don’t want to make decisions based on what I ‘should’ do. I don’t want to bang my head against a wall trying to reach self-imposed deadlines.

I want to be ALL IN on my creative ventures. I want to create things from a place of full attention and a full heart.

I want my creativity to feel spacious and radiant.

There is a place where regulation and freedom meet. That’s the space I’m finding.

Because even though I don’t want to abuse myself into creating… healthy self-discipline is necessary to the creative process.

And even though I want to feel free… I also want to feel consistent, productive and reliable. I want to get things done. I want to steadily deliver my art to the world.

In this case, my art is my blog posts, videos, social media content. These are my forms of self-expression. This content is how I connect with you, how I share my views, how I open my heart, how I spread my unique blend of tarot love.

Until now, I have been putting out videos once a week. But it feels more and more like a chore. I feel obligated and stressed. It’s getting harder and harder to feel spacious and radiant as I create videos.

The time has come to lighten my bundle.

I’m going to be filming less and writing more. I will still make videos for my YouTube channel, but I’m not going to strong-arm myself into making them every single week. I’ll make them when doing so feels spacious and radiant.

I’ll still be writing weekly blog posts. Every Tuesday. This feels good. I’m breathing a soft sigh of yesness.

Regulation and freedom – I’m basking in both.

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