Buckle your seat belt because it’s DEAR TAROT TUESDAY! This is a sporadic series on my blog where I give advice to viewers like you using tarot. Here’s our question for today:

Dear Tarot,
I have been going through a major amount of personal growth in the past couple of years. Lately I have been getting frustrated because I know I’m maturing as a person but no matter how many life lessons I think I’ve learned, I sometimes find myself backsliding or even sabotaging myself. I am a blogger, I write about spiritual growth, and I see other bloggers who act like they have everything figured out. Then I wonder what is wrong with me? I could use some perspective from tarot on how I can deal with this.

Check out the video to see the insight the cards and I offered. If you are interested in potentially receiving some tarot guidance in a future video, please reach out to me via email: carrie (at) happyfishtarot.com.

Peace, love and happy fish!

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