Hello, magical creature!

If you’ve ever suspected that within you there are distinct creative gifts, but you’re not quiiite sure how to unearth them – this tarot spread is for you. I’m presenting it in a video format, because at the moment I’m in the thick of National Novel Writing Month, so my writing brain needed a break!

We all have innate creative strengths, but for many of us these “strange jewels” (as Elizabeth Gilbert calls them) seem inaccessible and hidden. This reading will guide you in unearthing and using your own strange jewels! You’ll get actionable tips on understanding your gifts and actively engaging your creativity.

If you try this spread, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment and tell me what you learned.

This is one area where an outside perspective might prove incredibly useful. If you’d like me to give you some personalized tarot guidance to encourage you in activating your strange jewels, you can purchase this spread from me here.

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