I would be lying if I said I’ve had an abundance of mental space lately for anything other than the upcoming US presidential election. I’m guessing many of you can relate. Maybe your Facebook feed has become volatile, maybe you’ve clashed with friends and relatives over political ideologies. Maybe you’re just plain disheartened that a person who has recently bragged about sexually aggressive behavior (amount many other terrible things) is even on the ballot.

I know you may not live in the US, but I’ve seen this election stressing out even many of my international friends. Borders are just imaginary lines humans create. What happens in one part of the world matters to us all.

The point is that this election season has been a wild ride. And not in the fun, “whee I’m on a roller coaster!” kind of way. More in the “ugggh, if this thing doesn’t stop I may puke!” kind of way.

I’ve decided to do a tarot reading for myself to help me navigate the rest of this election cycle. In particular, I’m looking for ways I can maintain my sense of empathy and composure as this seeming-madness whirls. I’m sharing the reading here in hopes that some of these messages might resonate with you guys, as well. I’m using the Centennial Waite-Smith tarot deck, pictured above.


To begin, the Ace of Cups was drawn to show lessons available to me during this election cycle. Like many of us sometimes do, I have found myself having a tendency to fixate on what I perceive as the wrongdoings and harmful beliefs of others. This card is asking me to reframe where the majority of my energy is going. Calling out insidious behaviors can be healthy, to an extent – but is it really the best use of my energy ALL THE TIME?

Instead of only lamenting what is wrong in the outer world, it is also important to turn to what is right in my inner world. What kindness do I have that I can offer during a time when many people are feeling badly? How can I cultivate a sense of empathy even for those with whom I disagree? And most importantly, even when it seems so hard to do so…how can I offer love? This card inspires me to answer these questions for myself.

I am being asked to reflect upon my spiritual beliefs and feelings. One of my core spiritual beliefs is that we are one. Universal energy manifests in a multitude of ways, and we are individuals, yes. But we are also all part of a whole. The Ace of Cups asks me to strip back all my superfluous feelings and emotional reactions to this election. When I strip those back, I find myself in the knowledge that we are all connected. And when I return to that knowledge, I have the ability to live in a more generous way. When all is peeled back, love remains at the core.

The Star reversed gives further advice on how I might navigate challenges during this election. One particularly dangerous game that some politicians play is to try to lessen our sense of connectedness. They tell a story that insists that others are solely out to get us, that we must stake our claim on our territory and keep everyone “different” away. Anyone who is “other,” these politicians espouse, will take advantage of our vulnerability.

This card asks me to remember that this is only a political narrative. It is not the truth. In fact, it is when we allow ourselves to put down our barriers and actually connect with people that the most beautiful moments of humanity unfold. Instead of believing that I am unsafe, the Star asks me to believe that I am supported. Instead of believing that I can never reveal the truth of who I am to others, the Star asks me to continue showing up in radiant authenticity.

I have heard many people describe “losing faith in humanity” lately. But truly, what I should strive to do is to constantly affirm my faith in humanity. Instead of wallowing in the behavior of a few shitty people, it is important for me to consciously seek the good that people are doing. How can I show more appreciation for those working to heal racial divides? How can I uplift others doing spiritual and healing work in the world? How can I raise the voices of artists, mothers, fathers, poets, scientists and the wide array of other people who are actively doing good? Despair gets me nowhere. It is far more valuable for me to affirm a stance of hope and faith.

Finally, Judgement gives a few last pieces of final advice as I navigate this election season. Ultimately, I could choose to see this as a season of horror. But I can also choose to see it as a tipping point for humanity. Even when it may not seem so, more and more humans are “waking up” and taking meaningful steps to make this world a more peaceful, kind and aligned place. Sure, I can spend a lot of energy ruminating on all the people that still seem to be asleep and destructive.

But why curse those who are sleeping when you can join the ranks of those who are awake? Why give power to those who are selfish when I can stand in solidarity with those who are compassionate? The world is a better place than politicians with an agenda would have us believe. And I am being asked to unwaveringly stay on the team of those who are awake, those who are transforming this world into an even more wondrous place.

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