Let’s try something different today!

For the latter part of 2018, I was regularly offering free readings each Tuesday on my Instagram stories (Tarot Tuesday, w00t w00t!). Sometimes I opened up the floor for people to send in questions, other times I’d offer readings for the collective. Although people seemed to like this (and I enjoyed doing it!) lately I’ve been feeling like I’m putting too much energy into social media and that maaaaybe that energy would be better spent elsewhere. 

And so today, I’m offering a free mini-reading that will be sent to my mailing list as well as posted here on my blog! I’ve recorded three mini-readings, about five minutes in length. To participate, take a moment to center yourself and connect with your breath. Trusting your intuition, pick a number: one, two, or three. When you are ready, scroll down and listen to the reading that correlates with your number.




I hope you found something interesting or useful in your reading. If you have thoughts to share, do leave a comment below. Please let me know if this is something you’d like to see more of in the future! 

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