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My services are currently unavailable as I'm focusing on The Spacious Tarot, a deck I'm co-creating with Annie Ruygt. See some images from the deck below and pre-order yours on Kickstarter if it speaks to you! Thank you for understanding and please check back soon!

“Your reading for me was nothing short of amazing and it continues to reverberate meaning the more I sit with it. It is so helpful, and so heartfelt. It totally transformed my view. Like handing me a flashlight in the dark. What a blessing!”


A tarot reading meets you where you are and aligns you with opportunities for transformation.

You are here in this human experience to come fully alive into your whole, unique self. Tarot is the tool that I use to support you in this process. The cards tap into universal themes that blend psychology, spirituality and philosophy. As your tarot reader I am like your translator, tuning in to the tarot’s language and offering you insights and guidance.

During a tarot reading, I guide you directly into the uncharted cosmic energy within and around you. As your tarot reader, I am not here to tell you what to do or predict your future. Instead, I’m here to help you expand your perspective and get unstuck. A tarot reading helps you define the meaning in your story. A tarot reading re-connects you with yourself so that you can find your own way forward.

“You gave voice to thoughts that have been floating around in my semi-consciousness, but haven’t come fully forward til now. You gave me excellent questions to ask to help look at how it’s best to go forward. You addressed my discomfort with uncertainty so I can relax with it a bit more. The reading was perfect. I don’t say that lightly.”


Purchasing details

There are currently two different ways you can receive a reading with me. The first option is a live reading via Skype. We’ll connect face to face for this one hour session, allowing us to converse and take a deep dive into your cards! Scheduling options are fairly flexible, I will send you a link to my calendar after you’ve made your purchase.

The second option is an audio reading. This is a pre-recorded reading that you receive via email. Audio readings are around 20-30 minutes, and it’s a great format if you want something you can refer to over and over! Audio readings are typically delivered within about one week.

After you’ve made your purchase, I will email the address associated with your PayPal account within 24 hours to talk about the next steps.

By purchasing a reading, you affirm that you have read and agree to my Ethics and Policies.

My services are currently unavailable as I am traveling and working on other projects. Client sessions will resume in June so check back soon!

Skype Tarot Reading

 This is a one hour tarot reading session, conducted in real-time via Skype! I will email you within 24 hours of your purchase to discuss the details and schedule your reading.

$85 USD

Audio Tarot Reading

This is a pre-recorded reading delivered to you via email! Audio readings are 20-30 minutes in length. I will email you within 24 hours of your purchase to discuss the details.

$60 USD

More thoughts from my clients!

“I don’t know how to sum up all the things this reading makes me feel. It shifts under my feet, changing and deepening each time I read it. There is so much there to come back to when I am struggling, so many perspectives to appreciate, so many reminders to let go and be me.”

“You brought a lot of needed perspective and practical advice that has benefitted me IMMENSELY. I am now more grounded and centered, I feel like I leveled up my coping skills. I have transformed my heart and now it is a matter of continuing to head in this direction.”

“I love your reading style and philosophy. You are so talented at synthesizing the card meanings so that I can apply them practically to my daily life. It’s like the cards are little sign posts saying ‘this way, over here’ and you help me figure how to get going in that direction from where I am now.”

“Most readings I’ve had leave me with insight, but not like this. I’ve read it 4 or 5 times now, and took your advice to sit and journal-out the parts that stuck out to me. I have SUCH a better mindset and focus. Such better motivation and all around just feel balanced.”

Mentoring sessions are available, too.

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