In this series, I’ll be going through the cards of the Wild Unknown Tarot deck one by one. As the box of the deck states, there are no rights or wrongs. These are simply my interpretations of the tarot card meanings, drawn from observing and spending time with the images. Click here for a directory of all the posts in this series.


Six of Pentacles :: Wild Unknown Tarot
Creator’s keywords: prosperity, growth

A white branch is absolutely flourishing, stretching and opening its way across the majority of the card. Six bright orange and yellow pentacles adorn the branches, abundantly displayed like ripe fruit.

While the Five of Pentacles showed a sense of degradation and lack, the Six of Pentacles shows the growth that can happen even after hard times.

The suit of pentacles reminds us that there are multitudes of different resources. Money is certainly one, but so is time, skill, and endless other gifts. This card asks you to examine the resources you have and do not have.

In a reading, this card speaks to the dynamics of both giving and receiving. What do you have a whole lot of? What is ripe and juicy within you? How can you give some of that goodness to the world? When you’ve got bounty, share it! Offer words of wisdom. Lend a helping hand. Support, encourage.

And on the other hand, where could you still use a leg up? Where might you find just what you need? How can you graciously receive praise, assistance and gifts?

Giving and receiving are equally noble. Some days you will be in one position, and some days you will be in the other. Learn to embody the energy of each with grace, and you’ll blossom.

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