In this series, I’ll be going through the cards of the Wild Unknown Tarot deck one by one. As the box of the deck states, there are no rights or wrongs. These are simply my interpretations of the tarot card meanings, drawn from observing and spending time with the images. Click here for a directory of all the posts in this series.


Nine of Pentacles :: Wild Unknown Tarot
Creator’s keywords: happy, healthy home

Four feathers overlap, forming a diamond shape. In their center, nine pentacles are carefully arranged in the shape of a smaller diamond. This card is the very picture of a comfortable, plentiful nest.

The feathers give the card a sense of composure. There’s a sort of quiet dignity at work within this card. It reminds us that there are times when our best approach is to be measured and modest. This isn’t out of self-filtering or a lack of authenticity, but rather as an exercise in self-control.

The card’s background is filled with horizontal lines. Throughout the Wild Unknown tarot, we’ve seen the significance of lines. These stable, horizontal line generally suggest energy that is, for the moment, grounded.

In this card, the lines are colored with red near the perimeter, which gradually fades into orange and then yellow at the center. These are the colors of vital, earthy energy. They suggest health and vitality; as well as confidence and self-discipline.

This card shows the abundance and happiness that resides along the positive spectrum in the suit of pentacles. The Nine of Pentacles is sometimes traditionally associated with refinement, good taste and an enjoyment of the finer things in life.

It’s worth noting that we get to define for ourselves what a comfortable, happy life looks like. Abundance does not have to mean millions of dollars and impeccable possessions. The Nine of Pentacles reminds us that our inner resources (as the pentacles reside within the nest), our inner state is where we should start.

In a reading, this card can ask you to consider your current relationship with your worldly pursuits. Are you satisfied with your living situation? What are you getting from the foods you’re eating? Are you engaging in activities that make you feel vital and capable?

Remember that you are (as we all are) a work in progress. Enjoy where you are now, and continuing the fine work of building a life that is just right for you.

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