In this series, I’ll be going through the cards of the Wild Unknown Tarot deck one by one. As the box of the deck states, there are no rights or wrongs. These are simply my interpretations of the tarot card meanings, drawn from observing and spending time with the images. Click here for a directory of all the posts in this series.


Four of Pentacles :: Wild Unknown Tarot
Creator’s keywords: possession, control

Four pentacles form a diamond. They are bound together by intricately intertwined threads of blue, magenta and yellow. The lines in the background draw in towards the diamond, but are unable to penetrate its defenses.

Diamonds are one of the hardest materials that exist. The Four of Pentacles is often associated with rigidity and stubbornness. Sometimes, we become fixed in our ways for better or for worse. This is the energy at work in this card.

It is natural to feel the need for security and protection, but this card often shows a manufactured sense of protection. By clinging to anything – belongings, land, ideas – we believe that we can maintain control.

But the inevitable truth is that change is constant. There are times to cling and claw at the status quo. But as a long term strategy, this approach is not sustainable. We can’t micromanage everything. We must learn to use our personal influence while also trusting that some things are simply out of our hands.

In a reading, this card can ask you to examine what, and why, you are trying so hard to preserve. Where do you feel that things will fall apart without your management? What ideas, behavior patterns, goals or objects are you clutching? Is your energy being used efficiently, or to your detriment?

It’s essential to find the balance between preserving the things that you value while also being open to the natural ebb and flow of energies. You don’t have to cling so tightly. You can learn to relinquish a little control. You’ll have so much more energy to use productively when you’re operating less from a place of force and more from a place of trust.

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